Who Are We?

M&S Research Hub is a research and academic institute that organize online and onsite live training in fields of advanced econometrics, statistics, data analysis, and programming for institutes and individuals. On another front, we design and administrate wide-scale development, survey, and impact assessment projects for NGOs, governments, and donor agencies. 

Seems Like Other Course Providers, How Different?

Have you visited one of the many offline training platforms, those that host recorded sessions and classes in pretty much every kind of man-made science?

Well, this is exactly …… NOT US

At M&S Research Hub, we still believe in the power, efficiency, and enormous benefits of specialization and person-person live interactive teaching systems. Today we stand as one of the World’s top live-teaching platforms for statistics, econometrics, and related sciences. 

Get to know better at ms-researchhub.com

What About MSR Economics Perspectives?

Enjoy exploring the latest blog posts on applied econometrics, empirical methodologies, software coding, policy-driven research, and notes. These posts are, primarily, written by the academic council of M&S Research Hub, and sometimes, we invite external pioneer academicians in their fields to contribute to MSR Perspectives.

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