Now the World Witnesses the True Value of Science & Researching

The world is cruel!

Actors, football players, models are millionaires and receive salaries that sometimes can exceed some developing countries’ annual budgets, while doctors, researchers, and employees in related fields receive in many countries around the world the minimum wage only to keep them and their families alive.

In such times, when the entire human-kind is at threat and faces a global crisis, everyone stands at the researchers’ and doctors’ doorsteps waiting for them to develop a cure or a vaccine to save the world. In such times, the true value of science and researching emerges and the significance of investing in knowledge and education becomes evident and nonnegligible.
Our vision at MSR HUB to “Bridge Knowledge from those who have it to those who need” derives our team and defines our mission, accordingly and as a part of our contribution in alleviating and supporting the world in the forthcoming global recession.

MS Research Hub institute in Germany will administrate and fund the first research project that will be moderated by selected team members to empirically investigate and predict how economies behave – and should behave- in times of the Corona virus using historical data of similar epidemics that have hit the humankind, starting from the Spanish flu at the beginning of the 19 century, passing by MARS and MERS. Our objective will be to develop a prescription that the world economies can use against the forthcoming crises, especially in times where borders are closed, imports and exports are restricted, and the globalization model is simply frozen.
This research project will the official start of our institute “Research Grant Scheme” that aims to fund independent researchers from the least developed countries to carry on their planned human-related research projects in all scientific fields.

We believe first and always in mighty Allah, human-kind and the power of knowledge and science in facing the current crises.

Dr. Sherif Hassan CEO & Academic Division director at MSR HUB- Germany

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