Why we have changed our logo for a month

Big brands have changed their logos to rainbow flags in support of gay and minority rights for a whole month. With the public projections of Hebdo caricatures of the Islam prophet Mohamed on a local government building, while heavily armed police officers stood guard. We – the international and multireligious team of M&S Research Hub – stand against anything that can hurt the convictions of someone else, in particular religious convictions. Accordingly and for a whole month, our logo will change and include the name of the prophet Mohamed in Arabic letters.

we actually took this stand in support for freedom of speech by any mean and any message, yet it is not a license to abuse or humiliates other believes rather it is a responsibility message. We would actually take this stand if the projected drawings were mocking of Jesus or Budha.

When I mock you in front of people in a humiliating way, you would not think of it as my freedom of speech, rather it is an issue of my manners and attitude, instead, it would be better to say what I think, in the right time and the right way, otherwise, the point of my message would be completely twisted because of the wrong attitude. Eventually and briefly, hate speech is never and has never been a freedom of speech, when a speech or message cost people lives, create tensions and societal isolations and divisions, then it is simply wrong. 

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