حاجات اتعلمتها فى الغربة 2

انا كنت كتبتلوا من فتره عن الحاجات اللى اتعلتها فى الغربة وكنت بصراحة بكتب و مش متوقعه ان فيه حد يقرا اللى كتبتبه اصلا, لقيت انه اتقرا كتير و الناس اتخيلت اني كمان كاتبة و مشهورة مع ان دي كانت اول مره اكتب فيها حقيقي المهم انا عجبنى الموضوع لاني حسيت اني ممكن افيد بصورة

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اهم 8 خبرات اتعلمتهم فى الغٌربة

اسافر بلد عربى ولا اجنبي لو عايز تغير البلد اللى انتا عايش فيه وتسافر عشان تعيش فى مكان افضل و تعليم وصحة افضل فالبلاد العربية هتلاقى فيها ثقافات متشابهه ومفيهاش تغيير نفسى كبير زي اللى هتقابلة فى البلاد الاجنبية. فلو عندك فرصة حلوه فى البلاد العربية سافر لانك مش بتختار مكان لنفسك بس او فرصة

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Sincere and heartful new year greetings to the M&S Research Hub team and trainees. Without the contribution, effort, and time of every member of the team, we could not endure and succeed. Without their belief in our vision of “bridging knowledge” and our department mission of “providing top notch live – human interactive- support and

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YEAR 2019

In our first YEAR “2019”, we had **Over 120,000 visits to our institute website **Over 50 completed interactive econometrics private and group training **Around 70 researchers, 10 of them successfully completed their Ph.D. degrees, have booked our methodological and statistical guidance services ** 1 annual conference, and around 5 onsite and online workshops ** 5

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Can cointegration analysis solve spurious regression problem?

The efforts to avoid the existence of spurious regression has led to the development of modern time series analysis (see How Modern Time Series Analysis Emerged? ). The core objective of unit root and cointegration procedures is to differentiate between genuine and spurious regression. However, despite the huge literature, the unit root and cointegration analysis

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