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The Rise of Behavioral Econometrics..

The lessons from behavioral economics have ameliorated social wellbeing and economic success in recent years. Academics and policymakers now recognize that integrating how individuals behave and make decisions in real-life dramatically improves the effectiveness of public policies and the validity of simple theoretical models. Thus, this area of research has enhanced our understanding of the …

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متضيعش وقتك ….

انا مش قادر افهم… بتضيع فلوسك ووقتك عشان تاخد شهادة مش معترف بيها بره محافظتك و تتعلم تعليم ملهوش اى علاقة بعلم و تتخرج تدور علي شغل بمؤهلاتك متلاقيش…. متلمش الا نفسك فى الاخر التعليم فى المانيا ببلاش لكل مراحل التعليم حتى الدكتوراه, و منح كتير جدا عشان متصرفش مليم من جيبك و فرص شغل …

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Learning Central Limit Theorem with Microsoft Excel

Many statistical and econometric procedures depend on the assumption of normality. The importance of the normal distribution lies in the fact that sums/averages of random variables tend to be approximately normally distributed regardless of the distribution of draws. The central limit theorem explains this fact. Central Limit Theorem is very important since it provides justification …

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